Risky Play The Danish Way

Understanding the Many Benefits of Risky Play in the outdoors


A Workshop about the evidence based benefits of outdoor education in Denmark and how to implement the philosophy and practices in the US, led by Rikke Rosengren, noted author and founder of Bonsai forest nursery pre-school and the Bonsai Institute in Denmark.

Hosted by Columbia Teachers College and presented by Upper Manhattan Forest Kids, this learning opportunity is for NYC parents, early childhood educators, and  students  alike. Denmark is where some of the earliest examples of outdoor education occurred and today forest kindergartens account for nearly 10% of early education programs in the country.
This event will provide you with insight into the Danish approach to outdoor education with an emphasis on risky play opportunities for the children in the early years.

There is clear evidence that, by embracing childrens free play and allowing them the space to take their own risks, there are a wide variety of benefits, including:
mental, physical and social
ability to solve problems
independence and self-confidence, learning their own capabilities
increased academic performance
increased abstract and creative thinking skills

This workshop will look at:
the importance of outdoor life, nature and space 
Using outdoor spaces to encourage exploration and discovery
risky play - what risk in play is and what are the benefits
and some top tips on how we can support our children without going into our own fear.

Date: Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



Stephan Kammerer