Creating Community While Communing with Nature



Community is more than the people and places that surround you. There is an unmistakably genuine flavor to being in community that goes beyond the fact that you may see each other on a regular basis. The question is how do we create that experience?


Everyone know the importance for young people to build a sense of community. It is crucial to how children learn about themselves, construct their identity and their feelings of belonging and security. Now, once you add the ingredient of nature to the who's who of your community you not only add another key partner but you also aid in forging connections with other humans as well. Recent findings suggest that nature makes us more caring and pro-social. When people are exposed to nature it changes their attitudes and how they feel toward their social community. They are more apt to be concerned and generous with other people when in natural environments. Compared to being in man-made environments- in the outdoors, people tend to experience they are more connected to their core values and have space for introspection rather than being overly concerned with societal pressures.

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We invite you to check out a video we made of how UMFK Spring classes built community among the wildlife of NYC and each other.

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Available Trial Classes and Introductions

*Our one hour Introductions are an abbreviated version of our full class. We take a brief walk, share a theme with an optional activity and enjoy child-led exploration. It's an opportunity to have your questions answered and experience briefly what's available for your child through our programming.


Introductions require RSVPs so that we are able to notify you if a session is canceled due to weather or low attendance.

Please email us letting us know who's coming and please indicate the date, time and location.

Stephan Kammerer