Books We Like

During each class of Upper Manhattan Forest School we accompany your snack with listening to a story. The books chosen for story-snack time represent the ideas and aims of our programming. As we seek to encourage compassion, inquiry, cultural diversity and knowledge of the environment, these stories inspire our young leaders to create a more connected and sustainable planet

We happily include books in other languages too. Here are some that we and participating parents have contributed.


Osanpo Osanpo  (Taking a Walk, Taking a Walk)

Some books are even written by our parents!

Joohee's Favorite Rice! (주희가 제일 좋아하는 밥!)

Halfdans abc

Our Flute

Some kids really like the flute we use for the welcome and goodbye song. It's called  tin whistlepenny whistleflageoletIrish whistle, and many other names. You can find it here: