We began Upper Manhattan Forest Kids because we were inspired by Stephan’s early experience of forest kindergarten in Denmark and we really wanted that for our daughter Sunshine.

We are clear in our commitment that families are supported with a space that allows young people the opportunity to connect with nature and gain confidence in their authentic self-expression. 

Through expanding the culture of forest schooling in NYC we shift our relationship to the natural world and create a future of connection and abundance.

Although, more and more options are becoming available, we wanted to see more and chose to play our part in expanding the culture of outdoor learning in urban areas of the U.S. as well. We are dedicated to encouraging the connection between young people and the natural environment, seeing that as a means to build early relationships with our planet as well as aiding the early development of children.

One thing you will experience at Upper Manhattan Forest Kids is our passion and how much we care about children.

We are a mission driven company who are wholeheartedly committed to supporting families with young children. Your experience will always be important to us!