What People Say

As a kid, the only institution that I attended before starting public school at the age of 6 was a Forest Nursery School.

This meant being outside every day in all kinds of weather, playing in the forest and enjoying the fresh air. I believe that this early adaption for being long hours outside in the forest has fostered my affection for being active in nature today.

Besides, as I recall it I basically never had any sick days as a kid and I assume this early adaption to spending time in nature, breathing fresh air and being active has had a significant impact on the good health I have today.

I think that my years in a Forest Nursery School taught me many things that I have been able to use later in life, perhaps even an early understanding that not skills and know-how is best acquired through class-rom trainings and books.

The years of climbing trees and playing in the woods helped me to achieve well controlled body movements, and from this also self-confidence, but in addition it inspired my imagination and creativity by daily having to invent own games and entertain ourselves with only what was provided to us by mother nature.

In today’s world where more and more people live in cities, have highly static jobs in front of computers and most of the time transport themselves by car or public transport, I think it’s very important to create a healthy relation to nature and the habit of using your body actively every day. Both for everyone’s own mental and physical health, but also to increase the common understanding about the importance of protecting nature and the environment that is key for us all to be able to inhabit The Earth today and in the future. This probably even more today than when I was a kid some 40 years ago.

Bo Bonnevie

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein